Global Approach to Biological Research, Infectious diseases and Epidemics in Low-income countries

My GABRIEL Network

In its fight against infectious diseases affecting developing countries, Fondation Merieux's mission is to encourage knowledge sharing, train health workers and develop the know-how in terms of scientific research and field experience.

In 2009, GLOBE (Global Link for Biomedical Expertise Online) was launched to support the sharing of knowledge and experience through new information technologies and communication.

In this continuity, the GABRIEL Network has on GLOBE, a dedicated website for the network members to exchange and communicate their priorities and research results on infectious diseases and more particularly on the lower respiratory tract infections and tuberculosis.

By becoming a member of 'My GABRIEL Network', you will have access to resources dedicated to the GLOBE members in the areas of diagnosis, epidemiology, prevention and vaccines.

If you are already a member: Login

If you wish to become a member of 'My GABRIEL Network', please follow the procedure:

  • Join the GLOBE Network

  • On your first connection to the GLOBE Network, go to 'My Networks', click on 'Join a Network' and select 'GABRIEL Network'.

  • If your request is accepted by the administrator of the network (notification by e-mail), you will be able to 'Login' and access 'My GABRIEL Network'.

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